[VIDEO] Learn Land Nav

Some of need learn better by watching. In this 53-Part Series part video series you will learn the basic of Land Navigation.
The instructor explain the method in a way that anyone can understand. Next time your platoon is at the Land Nav course, you will know what to do.  Enjoy it and be tactical.

Land Nav Part 1

Land Nav Part 2

Land Nav Part 3

How to Ranger Roll PT Shorts

How to Ranger Roll APFT Uniform. Useful information.

Basic Training: Hair Advice for Females

Female Future Soldiers – watch this video for demonstration on how to do your hair.

How to Army Fold a T-Shirt

How to effectively fold a T-Shirt in the U.S Army. Pretty good to know for basic training. Trust me!

[Video] Military Communication 101

Video instruction about military radio communication.

Land Navigation is a crucial skill

Land Navigation is a crucial skill to needed to become successful throughout your time as a Cadet and later as a Soldier. Your ability to perform this skill will be assessed at LDAC and is a requirement to graduate Warrior Forge. It is important to learn the techniques of land navigation to perform your best. This video shows some of the basics about completing a land navigation course.