SGTTT Classes

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Communication & Electronic

          Assault Rifle                 

Basic Military Communication
Effective Military Communication
Battle Command Migration
Communicate Via Radio in a Secure Net
Defense Adv. GPS Receiver (DAGR)
Operate the DAGR
FBCB2 Operation
IC-F43GS Radio
AN/PRC-117F OR R/T-1796
AN/PRC 150 Programming
Basic Electrical Safety 
Characteristics of the SKL
RTB Communication Platforms
Communicate Via a Tactical Telephone
Communicate via a FM radio
Fill and COMSEC for AN/PSC-5
Hard Drive Replacement
Successful entering of input into CISCO (NIPR)
Introduction to SINCGARS
Multi-band Inter/Intra Team Radio (AN/PRC-148)
Operate SINCGARS Single-Channel (SC)
Tactical Radio Communications
How To Talk Over The Radio
AN/PYQ-10 Simple Key Loader (SKL)